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kind of unapologetically myself, lol. 

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i write a+ walt/ray/ofc threesome porn okay?

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To start, it was just Steve.

"Do you mind if I read this at your place?" he asked, holding up the Winter Soldier’s file. "My apartment got kind of shot up the other day."

And of course Sam said yeah, no problem, and let Steve have his privacy going through the file. And found him still flipping pages after midnight, bleary-eyed, and insisted he sleep on the couch instead of finding a hotel. And made him French toast the next morning.

A week later, Steve had moved in, apologetically (as long as it’s okay! tell me if I’m a nuisance!), when a stocky, scruffy-haired guy showed up at Sam’s door.

"I can’t believe you guys," he said by way of introduction, letting himself in. "I was in Syria. Under cover. You don’t burn an agent in fucking Syria." He walked past Sam into the dining room and started unloading his bag on the table. Some Stark devices, several SHIELD gadgets, and—yup, that was a bow and arrow.

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kali1967 sent: 7, 8 and 29 for the fic writer meme, please :D

7. Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

There is a stone under Siggy’s tongue. It is a pebble that hides behind her teeth. Like a river rock, it has been polished by speech. The pebble will not be polished today. Today, Siggy is silent. Her words are lost in her stomach, building pressure behind the  walls of her throat. She presses her arms against the back of her seat until it hurts, closes her forearms over her stomach and tries to force the worlds past unforgiving rock.

It is a fight which she is losing.

Her mouth is a walled city and it is under siege. Words batter the stones and break, fall back into her stomach. The wreckage sinks into her bowels, weighs her body down until her head feels so light she fears it will float away. Her pebble holds it down.

"It’s really good to finally meet you," says Leah. She sounds so sincere. Siggy’s stomach heaves and all of the broken words crash against each other, make her feel sick.

I’m not sure why I like it as much as I do. It’s from a short, short piece about how much I hate my birth mother. I think what really sticks with me is the pebble in the mouth idea. I like what I did with it and how tight the repetition of image is.

8. Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

“I could -” Brad starts and cuts himself off, “I could kiss you just now.”

“Did that hurt? Admitting that? I could taste your warrior spirit just cringing,” Ray smiles. He’s definitely laughing at Brad. Instead of pulling away – which Brad half expected – he presses his fingers forward, pushes at Brad’s mouth. Ray’s fingers find his hair, tangle in the short strands at the base of his skull.

Ray’s whole body is tight, every part of him straining up into Brad. For his mouth. When Brad refuses to give in he scowls. Brad feels it where their foreheads are pressed together. He licks his own lips and tastes Ray’s fingers instead. Ray’s fingers and a fine layer ofhistory in the form of dust. Apparently tired of letting Brad drive, Ray cups his hand around the back of Brad’s neck, pulls him down. He’s small but built wiry. Ray’s stronger than he looks and Brad’s not really invested in fighting him. When Brad kisses him it’s around Ray’s fingers and it’s probably the most chaste thing he’s done to anyone’s mouth since his ex-fiance left him years ago. Ray wriggles after what feels like an age of men, but is probably a space between heartbeats. Brad lets himself be pushed back, Ray’s fingers leaving a wet streak along his lips. Two fingers on his right hand are notably cleaner around the finger nails and Brad’s sort of disgusted by what that means he now has in his mouth.

Worth it though.

“Do I look like a fucking girl? Jesus, Bradley, I know you’re a delicate fucking princess, but how about you have some ovarian fortitude and pull up your big girl panties. We can get all snugly wuggly once your Viking sex god ass kicks down that door for us,” Ray says, crosses his arms against his chest.
He waits a beat. Then:

“Well, we can get all snugly wuggly after your freakishly giant, Viking sex god ass kicks down that door for us and we catch up with those inbred motherfuckers to take our map back. And after I give Schwetje’s little purse dog a fat fucking lip to match mine,” he adds. He speaks like he’s laying out the invasion of Normandy.

“You have a problem with your mouth, Person. When it flaps you try to communicate like a human, but your trailer park inhabiting, NASCAR enthusiast, goat molesting species hasn’t evolved to the point of language yet,” Brad tells him. He digs a set of needle fine tools out of his bag. While kicking down the door might get Ray hot under the collar, it might also fuck up his foot.

Brad smiles when the lock clicks into place. No matter how many times he successfully picks a lock it is always immensely satisfying. He can feel Ray anxious and vibrating behind him. He’s standing close enough that when he shifts his weight from foot to foot his legs brush Brad’s hip. Part of Brad feels like this was too easy. The door swings open with the push of Ray’s hand. Brad’s on his knees in the dust of centuries. On the distant horizon the sun is just starting to crest. It’s a new day.

“Come on,” Ray says, “miles to go before we sleep on this one.”

I think it shows a pretty sample of my grasp on dialogue? I think I’m a pretty funny writer and I really like having my dialogue be referential. I’m also super, super proud of my Ray’s voice. I’ve been told and like to believe that I write a very true to canon Ray even in AU. 

29. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

Can I cheat? I’m cheating. I’d finish fucking Brothermine by Echo. Just because I want it to end! I want to know where it’s going! I need to know damn it. 

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Anonymous sent: This is orgasm anon, thanks for your perspective! I really appreciate it.

literally any time

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I just called my patents. My 54 year old father is stoned. My 69 year old mother is smashed. He said hes going to take advantage of her. They are listening to BTO very loudly and apparently mom is dancing by her self. 

I hope I’m fun at their age.
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Jennifer Lawrence tickling Amandla Stenberg on the set of ‘The Hunger Games’

look at this stupid cutie
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i can’t believe it’s 2014 and there’s still no gay romantic comedy about vin diesel and dwayne johnson falling in love

They raise a gaggle of kids undercover working for a gov’t agency together

i would pay multiple dollars to see vin diesel and dwayne johnson portray a cute affectionate couple

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vampirearze sent: How do you exist ur so cool

I think about what would make you proud of me and go with it.

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vampirearze sent: Re: orgasm ask. I love sex. Sex is the bomb diggity. But orgasms????? Naaaaaaah.

being naked with someone else and rubbing your parts together and getting sweaty and putting your mouths on each other and all that? SO GOOD. orgasms are a bonus.


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