jericho! presents: “That’s Berkeley” featuring Lenore and Juliet

Literally my life

I once lived illicitly on campus at the University of Arizona. That was a mistake. Not because I didn’t love frat parties and beer pong. Not because I don’t have a sick fascination with cafeteria food and paying for things with your Cat Card. Not because dorms don’t thrill me to my toes.

But because now my college experience is grossly inadequate. I know the shennanigans that happen at American universities. At real universities with things like dorms and sororities.

Capilano University. Our mascot sucks. We don’t even have a Starbucks. There’s never been a party in the dorms cause we don’t have any.  The only people who have any fun are the studio art kids, the theatre department and the film kids.

I can’t wait to go to a real school next year. Is a place I can get a latte on or you know remotely near my campus really too much to ask?

(Source: courtingcomedy)